ESU 53542 Lokprogrammer Set

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Enjoy your LokSound equipped engines even more by adding or changing sounds and fine-tuning performance using this unit with your home computer. Easy to use with no prior knowledge of programming needed, the unit can be used with any PC with an audio card and a Windows operating system. Just connect the programmer to your PC using the serial port or the USB adapter (included). Start the software then place a loco with a LokSound decoder on your programming track. The software automatically detects which type of decoder is installed and provides specific information; easy to follow on-screen graphics let you change loco address, speed steps, acceleration and deceleration, load control, speed curve and analog functions, assign function buttons for lighting effects and brightness, and all special settings. Plus, you can change or completely replace the current sounds with additional selections included on the software. You can also use your own recordings or choose from a wide range of downloads available on the Loksound Web-site.



- LokProgrammer
- Power supply
- Serial cable
- USB adapter