NCE PowerCab 2 Amp Complete DCC Starter Set - Everything You Need for DCC!

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This is the complete starter package for those that are just getting into DCC.  Why not buy the best for your expensive trains?  They deserve the clean signals that the NCE PowerCab produces.  

This has the ability to control up to 6 locomotives.  It includes the power supply needed to run the entire system.  The best part, it is expandable!  You can include the NCE SB5 Booster to increase the power up to 5 amps for more trains, or keep adding as your empire expands!  

Installation is a snap. Hook two wires to your track, and plug in the cab. You will be running trains in no time!


  • Power Cab
  • 7' Power Cab Cable
  • PCP Power Panel
  • Power Supply
  • Coiled Cord for using as a ProCab
  • Manual

Make sure to pick up some decoders while you're in our store for your DCC-Ready trains!