Atlas Master Line 73' Center Partition Car TTX (Brown)

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The 73’ Center Partition Car is designed to load, transport and unload lumber, gypsum board and other construction products efficiently. The AAR mechanical designation for this type of car is “FBC.” The 73-foot version of the FBC was introduced in 1986. Since then over 40,000 cars have been built.

  • Riserless Floor Design
  • Detailed stirrups
  • Simulated tie-loops
  • Ratchets
  • Partition cable hooks
  • 22 wire grabs
  • Etched cross-over walks
  • Wire Brake Rods
  • Detailed Jack Pads
  • Newly Tooled 286k trucks
  • Detailed Pull Plates
  • See-Through Top Chord Holes
  • Simulated cable slots
  • Detailed lift plates
  • Prototypical lettering and markings
  • Recommended 22" radius
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